Since in 2010, the first pole produced by the Sun Pole saw the light of the day, we’ve been trying to improve our products to satisfy the developing pole dance/fitness/sport environment. Since the beginning, we’ve put emphasis on constant development of our equipment and we modify it according to increasing needs. As a company, we actively participate in the process of development of pole dance/fitness/sport not only in our country, but also worldwide, by taking part in many events. As the major sponsor, we took part in the Polish Pole Dance Championship in 2012 and 2013, where we set up 5m poles, which was quite a challenge. In years 2012 – 2014, we were the major sponsor of the Pole Dance Sport Association Poland. Since 2012, we’ve co-organized an annual, all – Poland charity event - Pole Unity, providing poles for the show and later putting them up for charity auctions. As a sponsor, we’ve been also present at the L'Art de La Pole in France and many more like:



  • Polish Pole Dance Championship 2012, Skaryszew, Poland (5m, Sun Steel 48,3mm);
  • Pole Unity Poland 2012, Swietochlowice, Poland (3m, 45mm Sun Colour 45mm);
  • Polish Pole Dance Championship 2013, Skaryszew, Poland (5m, Sun Steel 48,3mm);
  • L'Arte de La Pole 2014, France 
  • UK Pole Sports National Championship 2014, England (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • German Pole Sport Championship 2014, Doncaster, Germany (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • World Pole Sports Championship IPSF 2014 London, England (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • Polemotion 2014, Czech Republic (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • Workshops on Polemotion 2014, Czech Republic (3,74m, Sun Colour 45mm)
  • Polish Got Talent, Poland (4m, Sun Brass 45mm)
  • Pole Art of Poland 2014, Poland
  • IPSF Annual Sponsor 2015
  • Greece Pole Dance Championship 2015 (4m, Sun Steel 42,4mm)
  • Pole Art Polska 2015, Gdansk, Poland (4m, Sun Steel 45mm)
  • UK Nationals Pole Sport Championship 2015 (4m, Sun Brass 45mm)
  • German Pole Sport Championship 2015 (4m, Sun Brass 45mm)
  • Open Polish Pole Sport Championship Women and Men, Bydgoszcz 2015, Poland (4m, Sun Brass 45mm)
  • World Pole Sport Championship, London, England (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • Summer Pole Battle, Gdańsk, Poland
  • Miss Pole Dance UK 2015, England
  • Polish Got Talent, semifinal, 2015 (4m, Sun Steel 45mm);
  • Oh Pole Dance Battle, Warszawa, Poland;
  • Pole Art of Poland, Ruda Śląska, Poland (5,85m, Sun Steel, 45mm);
  • Mexico Regional Pole Sport Championship, Meksyk (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • Sweden Pole Sport Championship, Sztokholm, Szwecja (4m, Sun Brass 45mm);
  • cinema movie 'Gejsza', rez. Radosław Markiewicz (6m, Sun Steel 45mm)
  • IPSF Annual Sponsor 2016
  • V Esensai Championships 
  • Greece Pole Dance Championship 2016 (4m, Sun Steel 42,4mm)


Buying our products, you also help Polish competitors to develop their skills. We had two great performers under our wings: Jakub Kolasa – Polish Pole Dance Champions 2013 and Berenika Nienadowska - Polish Pole Dance Champions 2013 in the soloist – debutant category. Best competitors in Poland, as well as in England, Germany or Czech Republic, practice on our poles. If you’d like to check which schools/studios use our poles – see the section “Studio”.


Our offer includes stainless, powder – coated and brass poles. There are four types of installation, which allows to set up a pole almost everywhere. A slanting or suspended ceiling is not a problem. We know to what forces a pole is exposed to during practice; therefore, our equipment is produced from high – quality and high – durability materials. We don’t have a machine production – every pole is produced individually, with all reasonable skill and care. We don’t focus on appearance, we focus on safety, so you won’t find covers on our poles.


If you’re planning to equip your room and give classes – we’ll help you to arrange the equipment properly. Our poles are produced from certified materials and years of experiences allow us to constantly improve our models. You may always count on our support.